Testing PHP code against more PHP versions

As PHP grows, more versions show up with better stability & performance, obviously we test our code against production environment, but what if we could test it against new versions with little effort and ensure soft migration ? Here we will use Docker & Gitlab runners power to ensure that our PHP code runs on those versions: 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0. We’ll use our own Docker images with configured additional extensions not provided by PHP official images, also with installed GIT and newest composer out of the box. »

Tips for first steps with GO

With this posts I want to highlight few things when staring with GO for new people which sometimes doesn’t seem so straight forward after reading https://golang.org/doc/install. #1 Install GO’s version 1.6+ there is no point to use any previous versions as with 1.6 version GO added vendor support (experimental in 1.5). What does it mean ? That dependencies are tight to a project not a global GO’s dependency catalog. If you come from PHP world you can compare it to global command for composer - yes, prior 1.5 and vendor support all go’s dependencies were installed as global. »